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How to moor the vagina naturally

Currently, a lot of women who are married want to again restore vitality Miss Vher vaginal Moor in different ways. One of them is with the Vaginoplastiprocedure. Vaginoplasti is a surgical procedure or surgery that aims to correct thestructural damage in the vagina. Surgery is also done for the construction orreconstruction of the female sex organs.

With this procedure, the vaginal muscles are sagging, and perineum, pelvic walland a woman can return to form, circumstances, and such a function prior togiving birth. How to moor this pussy now began a revival and became a trend by women in Indonesia. Especially those who have given birth to or because of the increase of the age of experience vaginal sags.

Actually, this Vaginoplasti itself has two objectives, namely to health and alsocosmetics or beauty. Operation with the aim of health aims to improve the function of the body or reconstruction. While cosmetic surgery aims to embellishor alter the original form.

The Vaginoplasti operations are usually performed on reconstructive women whogive birth to many children or children weighing over 4 kg or there is a defect on the area of femininity. For example, propulapsusu or uteri decreased vaginal wallbecause of weakened muscles oto, which is common in women menopauseadmits. There is also a medical disorder or disability from birth as not physicallyfeminine organ formation (atrisia or vaginal agenesis), only the sex organs are formed in part (partial agenesis), or not berlubangnya Hymen (hymeninterforata).

While for Vaginoplasti for the purpose of beautification done to beautify orrejuvenate vagina functions. At Veginoplasti, there are three types of operation,i.e. Revirgination (operation hymen), Clitoral Unhooding (clitoral surgery), and G-spot ampilification.

Revirgination or return the Virgin is reunite the hymen is torn put together by means of a stitched. This operation is commonly performed on victims of traumadue to accidents or pemerkosan. However, today many women who want to restore the hymen tearing sensation in this way.

While the Clitoral unhooding is surgery to remove the gland that covers theclitoris of the woman. While the G-spot amplification is increasing the sexual pleasure by means of injecting collagen on the front wall of the vagina.

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